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Prison Sentence Good Time Calculator - or - Prison Sentence Earned Good Time Calculator basically operates on the pricinples that the more good time the inmate achieves the sooner they will get out of prison.

You would first start by putting in the information about your state or federal prison sentence. You then input the amount of time served (if any) and the amount of the prison sentence. You will then be shown an automatic calculation of possible good time credit you will receive which maytime off of a prison sentence.

If you would like to find out how to calculate a federal prison sentence, visit Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

This prison sentence good time calculator was created and designed for people who strive to do better for themselves as well find out how much time off a prison sentence can be earned by doing something positive with their time.

This calculator was not only created for the prison inmate; it was also created for the victims of crime. Its for those people who wish to know how long a prison inmate will be incarcerated.

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Disclaimer of Warranties and Accuracy of Data: This Prison Sentence Calculator is for entertainment purposes only.
Information regarding the time of total incarceration is, and cannot be, ever accurately calculated. There are other factors involved with a proper calculation of good time credit. Some instances may be loss of good time due to circumstances beyond an inmates control. As well, some offenses do not warrant the total amount of good time as others. For example: Some states reduce the good time credit for murder convictions yet give more credit to those who have simply stolen property, drug offenses or other non violent crime. We suggest you to try the "Inmate Search" feature at JailGuide.com and click on the link to the prison you're interested in viewing and read the information for yourself. To find the prison for any state, click on "Search By State Prison" or "Search by Federal Prison" to find the institution's information. If you have any comments, suggestions or find any errors or omissions, we encourage you to report them to our webmaster using the contact form.

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